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Our International Wine Cellar - the right wine for every dish

Many people would agree that only the right wine makes a meal complete, therefore you can find the right type of wine for the Mediterranean delicacies from our house and for any other tasty meal in our online shop. We offer a large selection of different types of wine, which will enchant you with a delicious taste and a breathtaking finish.

Quality you can taste

The tradition of wine production in Istria, Slovenia, has been cultivated for more than a thousand years. We too have taken care of this special and valuable tradition and appreciate it. We have an obligation to our ancestors and have therefore made it our business to protect this wine culture. Numerous Slovenian and international awards that our cellar has received in recent years prove that the path we have chosen was the right one. After 70 years of care and preservation of our tradition, Vinakoper has become synonymous with a history of quality and success. The title of the biggest winegrower with the best ratio between quality and price in Slovenia and the most efficient producer of red wines was awarded to us thanks to all involved, thanks to all of you and we greatly appreciate this award.


The right wine for every taste

Our handpicked wines are made produced from various ingredients to keep the taste intense and traditional. We have divided our wines into three categories so you are guaranteed to quickly find one that suits your dish and your taste.


The Radgonske Gorice wines

This vine comes from the hilly area between the rivers Ščavnica and Mur. The history dates back to 1792. Many years later, this company was taken over by the Swiss-French Bouvier family. They expanded the wine offer considerably by adding many delicious wines and they built numerous wine cellars which are still in use today. In 1997, the joint-stock company Radgonske Gorice was founded, which is the largest champagne producer in Slovenia. However, also the still wines are known for their good taste and excellent quality, such as for example the Tramier, which today has become a real wine legend in Slovenia.



In our Vinakoper section, you will find a full selection of real quality wines from Istria. The different wines from this category are characterized by a wonderful floral, fresh and juicy taste. Depending on the wine type, these can be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes and, thanks to the different taste nuances, they make a special occasion out of any meal. Aside from the Capo Distra and Capris lines, you can also join the Istrian Rubies Club. We even offer special bottlings here in order to make this wine something very unique.

If you have any questions about the products from our international wine cellar, we will of course be happy to help you.