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Specialities processed according to ancient tradition.

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Mediterranean delicacie

We are particularly proud of our Mediterranean delicacies from Istria and Dalmatia. The best raw materials are carefully processed according to an ancient tradition. The different products harmonize perfectly with each other and become a real culinary delight, which is also due to a particular maturing period. Decorated with our seal of quality, we promise that we have selected the individual products to the best of our knowledge. Our delicacies are also perfect gifts for men and women alike.

Our section of Mediterranean delicacies contains many different products that are going to delight you. Whether our Pag cheese, the delicious Karst Prosciutto or the high-quality and nutritious olive oil from Istria, all articles are of outstanding quality and will delight your senses with a breathtaking taste. Additionally, we offer great gift ideas and also empty gift boxes which you can fill yourself.

Pag cheese

Our authentic Pag sheep's cheese will delight you with its distinctive taste and healthy ingredients. Due to the special production of our cheese, important vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients are retained. Our Pag cheese not only tastes great, it is also considered a particularly nutritious food with which you can pamper your body not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of nutrients. Calcium is another important component of our Pag cheeses. It strengthens the bones and teeth of our body and in this from can be processed by the body particularly well. Since we are aware that tastes can differ greatly, we offer our Pag cheeses in various combinations. These differ from each other in taste and intensity. You can also choose between different quantities of cheese. In addition to the smaller 300-gram pieces, you also have the option of ordering the Pag cheese in one piece at 2500 grams.

Karst Prosciutto

Our delicious and unmistakable Karst Prosciutto pork ham comes from the Karst region. As early as December, the best pork hams are selected and are allowed to mature there peacefully. To attain its delicious taste, it is extensively rubbed with sea salt from the Piran salt works. The individual hams are then salted for three months and into the coolness of the karst winter to rest. As soon as nature awakens to spring, the salted hams are hung in the attic, where they are dried and where the karst winds give them their very special aroma. It takes at least an entire year for the ham to reach full maturity. The Karst Prosciutto is available in our online shop both in pre-cut slices and in different packaged quantities. We also offer the Karst prosciutto in complete pieces and with different maturation periods.

Olive oil from Istria

Our olive oil from Istria is a cold-pressed natural oil which contains numerous essential nutrients. The olive oil does not only possess an excellent and unmistakable aroma, it also contains many important nutrients. The gentle preparation preserves vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as numerous proteins.

Find suitable gifts

In our Mediterranean delicacies section, you can also find perfect gifts for your loved ones. Aside from our vouchers for the online shop, we also offer stylish gift sets containing various delicacies. Gift sets include our real Pag sheep's cheese with the matching wine, the luscious karst prosciutto and a delicious bottle of wine or different Pag cheeses to present your loved ones with a wide variety of flavours. Our offer leaves nothing to be desired. Furthermore, we offer empty gift boxes in different sizes, designs and formats. You can fill them up with the delicacies from our shop. Of course, our gift boxes are particularly high-quality and stylish and are made of real spruce.