Mediterranean Delikatessen – our company

Our company has specialized in selling Alpe-Adria products from Istria and Dalmatia that are no longer available in stores. They are premium products that can prove they originate from above-mentioned regions, from the raw product to production. Every company working with us must comply with Austrian food laws and must be HAACP certified.

We are also looking for companies who want to take these products up into their range. For the best conditions with territorial protection, your territory should still be free.

Our exclusive representatives are:

MIH SIRANA, Family Pernjak, cheese making tradition since 1890, island of Pag (Paški sir)

Family Pernjak has been known for a long time for its excellent cheese from the island of Pag (Paški sir). Inspired by the long tradition of a family farm, Dubravko Pernjak founded the company MIH in 1994 that produces excellent cheese from cow’s milk as well as mixed cheeses from sheep and cow’s milk.
There are several companies on the island of Pag that produce the Pag cheese, but the family Pernjak can prove their authentic origins, from using the authentic raw material to maturing the cheese on the island of Pag.

Prošutarna Lokev na Krasu, Kraški Prsut (Karst Prosciutto)

The authentic Karst Prosciutto is the king in terms of ham refinery. Due to its quality and marketability, in Slovenia it is protected by geographical indication. Recently, the entire European Union given the Karst Prosciutto geographical indication. The Karst prosciutto now stands in a line with many famous and well-known Prosciuttos of Mediterranean countries, which of course is a big honour and recognition for the makers of the Karst Prosciutto. The authentic Karst Prosciutoo from Lokev is only salted with sea salt from Piran and no other spices or additives are used. In large industrial companies, this of course is different.

The nobility and lavishness of our wine varieties can be attributed to the heritage of a thousand-year tradition of oenology and viticulture in Slovene Istria, and is the product of exquisite natural characteristics of Istrian soil, and the undulating coastal hills. We have been producing top-quality and luxurious wines since the foundation of the company in 1947.

At ten sunny wine-bearing locations, which extend over 570 hectares, we cultivate various grape varieties, which have become as characteristic as the autochthonous Refosco, the ruby-coloured jewel of a wine, and Malvasia. In the magnificent cellar, constructed from sandstone, which is typical for Istria, four million bottles of different wine sorts and varieties are produced annually. Our wines illustrate our most important values: natural production and high quality. This is why in the rich bouquet of our wines, you will taste the sea, the flysch-marl soil, and the vividness and sun of the Mediterranean Istria, and sense their luxurious structure and fruity aroma.

is a well known producer of high-quality wines and sparkling wines. The wines are made from grapes that grow on the hilly and sunny vineyards in the region of Radgona, embedded in the river course of the Mur. Here, the Alpine and the Panonian climate meet each other and give a unique quality and freshness to the wine. MURsecco is produced using classical and traditional techniques. They also produce the sparkling wine Radgona Silber using the Charmat method, the Traminer with its famous black label, Ranina, the indigenous type of wine from Radgona, among many other high-quality wines.