PAG Cheese - Very Old Paski Sir 2.500g



PAGER CHEESE - STARI Paski SIR - A VERY OLD SHEEP CHEESE, from the Pernjak family, cheese tradition since 1890. This cheese are only as a whole available. (price dependent on age)

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Weight: 2.65 kg


Vacuum-packed 180 days
Kcal 419,87
Fat 35,75 g / 100g
Protein 24,52 g / 100g
Dry matter 67,84 g / 100g
Ingredients Made from pasteurized sheep milk 100 %, diary cultures, rennet, sea salt from the salines of Pag, encymes, CaCl
Kj 1739,76
Weight ca. 2500g
NaCl 2,25 %
Lactose 0,01 g / 100g
Producer MIH SIRANA Kolan, Stanič 29, 23251 Kolan, Insel Pag, Kroatien
ARA recycling lizenz number 21098

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125 years of experience in the production of the authentic Stari Paški Sir

Matures for about 6 months up to 5 years and longer (price dependent on age)

Cheese from Pag - PAŠKI SIR – extra hard sheep’s cheese rich in essential oils produced by the family Pernjak, cheese making tradition since 1890, Kolan, island of Pag, Croatia. Calcium is especially important for tooth and bone formation, blood coagulation, correct function of nerve impulse transmissionhormones and signaling substances, heart function, muscles (cardiac conduction)

100 g contain 796 mg of calcium – daily dose of an adult should be at 1000 mg

Contains high amounts of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and the cheese is lactose free.

The cheese from Pag was awarded a prize for the best sheep’s cheese in the world at the World Championship in Wisconsin, USA. Since 1890, the family Pernjak from Kolan, island of Pag, has been known over generations for the production of cheese specialties of the highest quality.

The authentic sheep’s cheese from Pag not only has a characteristic flavour but also healthy ingredients. You can find proteins, vitamins and minerals in it. Sheep’s cheese is known as a nourishing kind of food that provides the human body with high quality proteins. Furthermore, it contains important vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin B, but also valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The levels of calcium that sheep’s cheese contains are even higher than found in cheese made from cow’s milk. It also helps with blood coagulation, supports the nervous system and strengthens the bones. With the density of the cheese, the amounts of calcium rise. Feta contains 500 mg Calicum whereas the Paski Sir contains almost 800 mg of calcium. Moreover, sheep’s cheese is a terrific alternative for people with cow’s milk protein allergy.

Since 1994, the family owned company MiH SIRANA has been marketing different kinds of cheese types. The sheep’s cheese has a characteristic spicy flavour full of the smells oft he island of Pag and the Adriatic Sea. The richness of taste comes from a number of factors, such as the storms on the island, the pastures, the micro climate and the variety of plants rich in essential oils which is the only food source of the sheep.

There are several companies on the island of Pag that produce the Pag cheese, but the family Pernjak can prove their authentic origins, from using the authentic raw material to maturing the cheese on the island of Pag.

In order to produce the best Pag sheep’s cheese you need the best sheep milk, that the family Pernjak derives from its own flock of sheep (ca. 200 milk sheep that are native on the island of Pag). Since their own flock of sheep is not enough, the family Pernjak works together with a number of other families on the island, that also produce high-quality sheep milk and that exclusively supply the Pernjak family.

Ca. 2500 g of Pag cheese - Paški Sir. The actual weight can vary slightly. The cheese will be delivered to you in refrigerating packaging via delivery service.

(We only deliver outside of the European Union after receiving a written order confirmation.)


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PAG Cheese - Very Old Paski Sir 2.500g

PAG Cheese - Very Old Paski Sir 2.500g

PAGER CHEESE - STARI Paski SIR - A VERY OLD SHEEP CHEESE, from the Pernjak family, cheese tradition since 1890. This cheese are only as a whole available. (price dependent on age)

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