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Otočan from the Island of Pag 300g



Otočan 300g 

mixed cheese 80% cow's milk + 20% sheep milk 

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Availability date: 06/30/2021

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Vacuum-packed 180 Tage
Kcal 392,60
Fat 32,00 g / 100 g
Protein 26,11 g / 100 g
Ingredients Hergestellt aus pasteurisierter Schafsmilch 30 % und pasteurisierter Kuhmilch 70%, Milchkulturen, Lab, Meeressalz aus den Salinen von Pag, Enzyme, CaCl
Kj 1628,55
Weight ca. 300g
NaCl 2,34%
Lactose 0,04 g / 100 g
Producer MIH SIRANA Kolan, Stanič 29, 23251 Kolan, Island of Pag, Croatia

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The hard cheese made of cow's milk and sheep milk filled with characteristic spicy flavor and with smells of the island Pag and the Adriatic sea. The milk for this cheese, for the production, come with no industry in contact.They feast on the highest point of Pag and nourish themselves only of the few grasses and herbs with many ethereal contents materials. On the island are more than 250 herbs and grasses, for example savages fennel and sages, which have very high salinity due to the sea environment. That again is decisive for the taste and the quality of the cheese. Additionally the cheese matures at least a half year and longer at the fresh air, which is likewise very saline. 

Extra-firm full fat cut cheese
At least 45% fat content in dry weight
At least 60% dry weight
storage temperature + 13°


Supply with parcel service and cooled packing.



Dieser Käse ist ein gut proportionierter Kuh-Schafskäse. Obwohl er ist ein Hartkäse ist, hat er eine unglaublich milchige und cremige Konsistenz. Er schmilzt graziös im Mund. Er hat keinen starken Geruch, aber hat dennoch einen Biss. Der Geschmack ist reich und gesättigt. Er beginnt mit einem zarten Aroma und wird von Vielseitigkeit der würzigen Noten gefolgt. Er kann mühelos jeden Käseliebhaber befriedigen.

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Otočan from the Island of Pag 300g

Otočan from the Island of Pag 300g

Otočan 300g 

mixed cheese 80% cow's milk + 20% sheep milk 

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