Olive Oil with Cheese Gift Box

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A mediterranean gift box with the cold pressed Olive Oil from Istria and the natural cheeses from the Island of Pag in a beautiful wooden box.

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Content of the gift box:

1 bottle 100 % Natural and cold pressed Olive Oil 0,50 lt

In addition to vineyards, we at Vinakoper also tend 2.5 ha of olive groves. The groves are located in five different sunny areas and consist of about 900 olive trees of different varieties. The prevailing varieties are Istrska belica or Bianchera, Leccino, Pendolino, Črnica and other old varieties.

After the autumn harvest, we make sure olives reach the oil mill as quickly as possible. We select oil mills that use suitable extraction methods and technologies and which guarantee olive oil of the highest quality. Our oil is obtained without additives, exclusively through mechanical extraction at temperatures that do not exceed 27 °C. This type of extraction preserves the olive oil's positive natural qualities.

Our oil is tested by an accredited laboratory and meets the chemical and sensory requirements set by the national Rules on olive oil.

Vinakoper's olive oil consists of different olive varieties, among which prevail Istrska belica, Leccino, Pendolino, Črnica as well as other varieties that thrive in Slovenian Istria.

This blend of varieties, with Istrska belica at the forefront, gives the oil a typical, perfectly balanced bitter and spicy taste, a harmonious combination of taste and aroma. The distinctive characteristics of the Istrska belica variety complement the soft, sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of green apple, freshly mown grass, artichoke and almond. The oil is green in colour, with shades of gold and yellow.

Olive oil is an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine and a healthy diet. Several studies indicate that the positive effects of olive oil inhibit oxidation and protect our organism against arthritis, coronary disease and breast cancer. The beneficial effects derive from the high content of biophenols and balanced amount of fatty acids.

Olive oil goes well with fish, vegetables, salads, risotto, pasta, meat … as well as desserts.

To be stored in a dark place at a temperature of between 12 do 15°C.

1 piece Pager cheese Otočan - Paški sir Otočan 300g

mixed cheese 70% cow's milk + 30% sheep milk 

The hard cheese made of cow's milk and sheep milk filled with characteristic spicy flavor and with smells of the island Pag and the Adriatic sea. The milk for this cheese, for the production, come with no industry in contact.They feast on the highest point of Pag and nourish themselves only of the few grasses and herbs with many ethereal contents materials. On the island are more than 250 herbs and grasses, for example savages fennel and sages, which have very high salinity due to the sea environment. That again is decisive for the taste and the quality of the cheese. Additionally the cheese matures at least a half year and longer at the fresh air, which is likewise very saline. 

Extra-firm full fat cut cheese
At least 45% fat content in dry weight
At least 60% dry weight
storage temperature + 13°
Durability 180 days

The actual weight can deviate slightly.

1 piece SV.VID hard cheese from Pag, ca. 300g with a spicy and rich taste


This hard cheese is made from 100 % cow’s milk. The cows that produce the milk for this cheese live and graze on the highest point of the island of Pag and never come close to any industry or other bad influences. Their only source of food consists of the plants and grasses rich of essential oils and vitamins that have a characteristic spicy aroma. Thus, the cheese is full of the smells of the island of Pag and the Adriatic Sea and is matured under the influence of the eternal Bora and the sea salt spread across the island.

Ca. 300g of Pag cheese SV.VID. The actual weight can vary slightly.

The Gift Box will be delivered to you via delivery service.

(We only deliver outside of the European Union after receiving a written order confirmation.)

The nutritional values can be found in the individual products in the online shop.


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Olive Oil with Cheese Gift Box

Olive Oil with Cheese Gift Box

A mediterranean gift box with the cold pressed Olive Oil from Istria and the natural cheeses from the Island of Pag in a beautiful wooden box.

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